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2007 press releases

Visual Thought Leaders Explore the Color of Ideas

Visitors Can Join Jonathan Adler, Tim Gunn, Patricia Field and Collier Strong to Express Their Color Inspirations at

CARLSTADT, N.J., Dec. 3, 2007 - Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today unveiled the myColor myIdea community Web site, which features insights from visual thought leaders in a wide variety of design industries responding to the phrase, "The color of my idea is…"

myColor myIdea lets people learn about the colors that inspire some of today’s most celebrated icons in the graphics, fashion, beauty, architecture and interior design industries, to name a few. Color enthusiasts are invited to post their color inspirations to the new site. Site visitors can select and submit their color and idea at

Visit myColor myIdea to learn what color the principal designer at Mattel, Robert Best, prefers to wear, and why PANTONE® 94-2-1 C is the color he dreams in. Find out why Chris Webb, senior creative designer at General Motors, thinks that PANTONE 78-1-5 C is the ultimate color of nature and rebirth. See PANTONE 26-1-7 C, the color that Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, executive vice president and artistic director at OPI, prefers because it is a symbol of vibrant energy, and a fashionable and emotional force. A few of the other notable contributions include:

  • "The color of my idea is PANTONE 6-1-6 C because it looks like sunshine, tastes like the ripest orange I’ve ever eaten and makes me feel happy." Jonathan Adler, Interior Designer
  • "The color of my idea is PANTONE 144-1-2 C, inspired by buildings in Bath, England. There is a unique quality, resonance, richness and aura to this color that soothes and calms me. It’s restorative, which for me is a critical factor given that I live in a city that is frenetic and intense. I painted the walls in the entrance hallway and living room of my apartment in this color, so I live with it day in and day out. It heals, it repairs and it’s always part of me."
    Tim Gunn, Chief Creative Officer at Liz Claiborne Inc.
  • "The color of my idea is PANTONE 138-2-1 C. In this color, I feel most balanced. It makes me feel calm. It makes me feel natural. It makes me comfortable. It makes me feel oxygen. It makes me feel life."
    Patricia Field, Fashion Designer/Stylist (World-renowned for her work on Sex and the City)
  • "The color of my idea is PANTONE 100-1-5 C. When I started my career, I kept a picture of the Aegean Sea off the coast of the Greek Islands taped to my refrigerator, dreaming I’d see it one day. The color is so captivating that it gives me a sense of possibility, freedom and gratitude. My work has taken me around the world; still, I’ve never seen a more beautiful color."
    Collier Strong, Makeup Artist (L’Oreal Paris consultant regularly featured on Project Runway)

myColor myIdea celebrates the recent launch of the PANTONE® Goe™ System, the first completely new color inspiration and specification system for the graphic arts industry since the introduction of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® 45 years ago. The new system includes 2,058 new colors for graphic designers. The creative thought leaders included on this site were asked to select their favorite Goe Color and share how it inspires their ideas.

To learn more about the color inspirations of other notable luminaries and contribute to the site, visit

About Pantone, Inc.
Pantone, Inc. has been the world’s color authority for more than 45 years, providing design professionals with products and services for the colorful exploration and expression of creativity. Always a source for color inspiration, Pantone now offers paint and designer-inspired products and services for consumers. More information is available at



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