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PANTONE 43-1-5 C
PANTONE 154-1-7 C
PANTONE 44-2-7 C
PANTONE 55-1-4 C
PANTONE 55-3-7 C    

Colors from the PANTONE Goe™ System.

Night must obviously be visited by after-dark shades of ubiquitous black, charcoal, deep taupes and twilight blues, topped by the radiating points of multicolored lights. These are the glamorous hours, the time for celebrating the life, energy and drama of the city. Twinkling pure white would also add an incandescent glow to this sophisticated collection of colors.

Excerpt from Color: Messages and Meanings by Leatrice Eiseman. © 2006.

More color palette information from our Spring 2009 catalog:

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