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PANTONE PLUS Digital Libraries for Quark

The PANTONE PLUS Digital Libraries Installer is a FREE utility that allows you to integrate the PANTONE PLUS Libraries quickly and easily into QuarkXPress® 7 and 8.

Simply run the installer and the new PANTONE PLUS Libraries will be placed in the correct folder for easy use from within QuarkXPress.

Please note: These PANTONE PLUS Libraries will be added to the existing PANTONE Libraries in your design software. The PANTONE PLUS Libraries will be differentiated from the pre-existing PANTONE Libraries by the “PANTONE+” designation in the library name.

This installer includes the following PANTONE PLUS Color Libraries:

  • PANTONE+ Solid Coated
  • PANTONE+ Solid Uncoated
  • PANTONE+ Color Bridge Coated
  • PANTONE+ Color Bridge Uncoated
  • PANTONE+ Premium Metallics Coated
  • PANTONE+ Pastels & Neons Coated
  • PANTONE+ Pastels & Neons Uncoated
  • PANTONE+ CMYK Coated
  • PANTONE+ CMYK Uncoated

System Requirements
Microsoft® operating systems: Windows® XP, Windows Vista™ and Windows 7
Apple operating systems: Mac OS X 10.4 or later

PANTONE PLUS Color Library Technical Notes

Pantone colors: Download Quark Installer

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