Banjanan - Aquamarine, Classic Blue and Toasted Almond - Spring 2015 Pantone Fashion Color Report


Banjanan by Caroline Weller
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Prominent Colors

Tones of the earth and sky: Cool and clear Sky Blues, Warm Tan and Honey neutrals and warm earth tones such as Deep Scarlet and Blood Red.


Imagining Georgia O’Keeffe’s life on Ghost Ranch, a fantasy about the American Southwest and a love of birds and flowers imagined in that landscape.

Signature Colors

Crystal Blue. It's a lovely clear Sky Blue, and it is a perfect ground for my multi-color prints.

Must-have Item For Spring 2015

The buffalo maxi dress in silk chiffon, in my tree of life print. It is Sky Blue with shades of Caramel, Imperial and Navy Blues.

How has the growing acceptance of seasonless color impacted or inspired your design and color choices?

I always include a neutral story in the collection as a complement to the main color palette. I know that it can be bought by all my international customers that may have a different climate or season. I also make sure that I have classic design pieces that can carry forward into the coming season.

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