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Monique Lhuillier
Monique Lhuillier
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Prominent Colors

I was inspired by the pastel shades in a sunrise sky and the metallic reflections it creates. Soft muted hues of Pink, Blue, Mint Green, Lavender and Yellow are used in many of the prints, as well as solids in many of the spring silhouettes. The colors are all combined taking on an iridescent dreamlike quality. To create modern elements, I used Black accents as well as metallic fabrics, keeping the collection youthful and edgy.


The first few moments of sunrise, the instant right before the sun rises and paints the sky with luminous shades of pastels. Additionally, the reflection of the sun hitting the water creates a visual landscape that inspired the iridescent metallic undertones in my collection. This beauty of nature shaped my color palette and fabric selection.

Signature Colors

I love the color combination of all muted pastel shades for spring 2015. A color standout is definitely Mint Green. I love this shade of Green – it's subtle and can act as a neutral. It is refreshingly airy and quite feminine.

Must-have Item For Spring 2015

A layered voluminous skirt in any shade of pastel or for a bolder look in a shimmery iridescent fabric. It’s so versatile and can be paired with everything from a cropped jacket to a tailored shirt.

How has the growing acceptance of seasonless color impacted or inspired your design and color choices?

I have always believed there are no concrete rules in fashion when it comes to the use of color. You just need to feel what is right and matches up to your mood. Growing up in California, I’m inspired by brightness and visual landscapes and incorporate it into all my collections. I think color can be worn all year round, if done tastefully! My job as a designer is to give my customer variety and make it exciting to update their wardrobe.

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