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Hexachrome®† Web Offset: A Reality for
Catalog and Magazine Publishing

Pantone and GAC Successfully Complete First
Hexachrome Web Offset Printing Project

Seybold New York, New York - March 17, 1998 - Pantone, Inc., today announced the successful printing of the first Hexachrome web offset printing project. The challenge was to publish 200,000 copies of a 40-page catalog in Hexachrome. Typically, Hexachrome projects are printed on sheetfed presses. Today's announcement demonstrates the viability of web offset presses for high volume Hexachrome printing jobs such as catalog and magazine printing projects using web offset printing presses.

The limitations of CMYK can significantly effect profitability for catalog companies where color is critical in accurately representing their products to help ensure customer satisfaction. With its broad color gamut, Hexachrome is an economical way to accurately match colors to products, with one pass, on a web offset press without incurring the costly expense of multiple spots colors. Ase one of the main reasons for catalog returns is "wrong color," this technology now offers a practical way to achieve color accuracy and therefore reduce returns.

"Hexachrome has been used with great success on sheetfed presses since its inception in 1995 for a variety of projects including packaging and posters, but this is the first time that we are aware of its use for high-volume web offset catalog printing," said Richard Herbert, senior vice president for Pantone, Inc. "The web offset printing process produced excellent color fidelity and consistency between the original design and the printed piece; just as designers and printers have come to expect when producing Hexachrome jobs on sheetfed presses."

The catalog printed was the "Color Solutions Guide" for the Color Tour '98 international series of seminars on color. The project was created using tools that support the Hexachrome workflow. The catalog was designed in QuarkXPress™ 4.0 and proofed on an Agfaproof System 2 proofer. While the Hexachrome workflow is similar to the traditional CMYK workflow in flexibility and simplicity, the result was that Hexachrome was able to reproduce colors outside of the CMYK gamut.

The Hexachrome web offset project was printed at Graphic Arts Center (GAC) in South San Francisco, California. GAC is a national high-impact printer specializing in producing annual reports, product collateral and automotive brochures. "We've been battling with compromise in the printing industry for years," said Jerry Hill, account executive for GAC. "Traditional CMYK doesn't produce the match between the catalog and the product unless additional solid colors are specified. With a catalog, you may need to add 20 solid colors which is not economical, nor is it even possible. Hexachrome allows us to replicate on paper what the product looks like on the store shelf."

Hexachrome is a fully integrated six-color process which includes an ink set, design capabilities, separations, proofing and the PANTONE® Hexachrome®† Color Selector. Compared to traditional four-color (CMYK) process printing, the color gamut of the PANTONE Hexachrome Color System is greatly expanded, allowing designers to achieve on paper what they conceive in their mind.

The System utilizes a specially enhanced color set consisting of superior PANTONE Hexachrome CMYK plus PANTONE Hexachrome Orange and PANTONE Hexachrome Green. The results are vivid, real-world imagery, an expanded choice of colors and the ability to achieve over 90% of the solid PANTONE Colors.

Pantone, Inc., the leading global source of products for the selection and accurate communication of color, is the developer of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®, the PANTONE Process Color System® and the PANTONE Hexachrome six-color ultra high quality process system, three distinct global languages for color specification and reproduction. PANTONE Color Systems have been widely accepted and utilized by designers and printers since 1963 and are currently in use in almost 100 countries throughout the world. Pantone, Inc. is an ISO 9002 registered company.

All trademarks used herein are either the property of Pantone, Inc. or other companies. © Pantone, Inc., 1997
†Six-color Process System Patent Pending - Pantone, Inc.

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