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The PANTONE EDUCATION SERIES is a set of three mini-lessons that are useful in any arts education setting. Each program in the series focuses on color technology and using color in design workflows. They may be used independently, as adjuncts to individual lessons, or viewed together. The Series is offered free to accredited institutions of higher learning. All three programs are conveniently bundled on a single one DVD.

  Program 1: "WHAT IS COLOR?" Running time 15:02
  • Focuses on the science of color.
  • A useful adjunct to a discussion about the technical aspects of color.
  • Detailing how a color’s location in 3-dimensional color space gives it a unique identity.
  • Will also support a lesson on using spectral data to in design and production.


  Program 2: "GRAPHIC DESIGN PRIMER" Running time 12:55
  • Provides a review of the basic color theories, color families and properties.
  • Functions as a discussion starter on how color viewing conditions affect our perception.
  • Provides real-life design-to-print scenarios.
  • Provides useful information on how to best use design tools.


  Program 3: "COLOR FOR FASHION" Running time 15:42
  • Appropriate viewing for any student in fashion, interior or fabric design and production.
  • Centers on the color development process for the design and creation of textile colors.
  • Discusses color inspiration and market forecasts.
  • Examines the tools and techniques used in selecting, applying, measuring and controlling color along the design-to-market workflow.


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