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PANTONE Certified Printer Program

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The PANTONE Certified Printer Program is a rigorous certification process that examines every aspect of the printer’s operations, from design and prepress to the ink kitchen and the pressroom. It is the only certification program that takes ink recipes and ink formulation into consideration, ensuring that the production process is accurate and standardized … from start to finish.

During the Certification process, X-Rite Pantone experts identify gaps and help in the development of Standard Operating Procedures and practices that deliver consistent, reliable performance – job after job, day after day, with no exceptions. A quarterly review process ensures ongoing compliance.

Being Pantone Certified assures your customers that you are enforcing quality control in all steps of the production process, bringing a greater level of efficiency to the entire process. Employees are better equipped to perform their jobs and make decisions because they know exactly what needs to be done to:

We estimate that for every dollar we invest in X-Rite, we are saving between $30 and $40 over a 5-year depreciation period. What’s not to like about that?

—Steve Rickett, UNIMAC Graphics

  • Reduce waste and increase profitability.
  • Drive consistent color across shifts and locations
  • Implement and enforce SOPs that improve color communication.
  • Use the certification logo on marketing materials,
    capitalizing on the universally respected Pantone brand.
  • Accomplish all of this with a short implementation and ROI within 3-6 months!
PANTONE Certified Printers
3C Packaging Disc Graphics Pazazz, Inc
Precise Printing Promis JSC Saint-Laurent, QC
Think Patented

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