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Managing Flourescent Color

Of these 21 super bright colors, 14 contain flavine or rhodamine acid dyestuff. This qualifies them as "true" fluorescents in that they absorb invisible ultraviolet light and emit it as visible light, increasing the color's perceived brightness. However, colors containing fluorescent dyes are, by nature, less resistant to the degrading effects of light and water. There are treatments that can be added to increase color fastness and durability.

To protect colors when not in use, please keep swatch ring in the provided UV pouch.

*Pantone and Clariant assume no liability for the accuracy of formulations. We recommend that each customer perform lab dips of each formulation and evaluate each lab dyeing visually for color matching prior to production. Pantone and Clariant do not guarantee any fastness properties or performance characteristics and assume no liability for the performance of suggested formulations. We recommend that each customer test their dyestuff for performance prior to approving colors for production.

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