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an xtreme color gamut can Help

PANTONE Hexachrome is a six-color process printing system with a specially enhanced color ink set. With Hexachrome, you can now reproduce rich, vibrant solid colors, realistic skin tones and elegant pastels. The Hexachrome color gamut exceeds that of CMYK, allowing you to achieve the same bright, vibrant colors on press with which you design on your computer. Hexachrome reduces your dependency on spot colors and allows you to easily re-purpose your designs for different applications, including the Web! Hexachrome is supported by many technology partners, ink manufacturers, software developers, proofing systems and printing devices.

Learn more from our selections on the left, make better color choices with our Hexachrome products, and let us help maintain consistent color in your world.

For additional information on Hexachrome, please visit the Hexachrome Web site.

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