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Do you speak color?
(we're fluent)

There are many ways of talking about color, but only one way to communicate with certainty every time. PANTONE for architecture and interiors was created to provide interior designers, architects, manufacturers and contractors with a common language to clearly specify, communicate and manage color choices across the wide range of materials used in the interior design industry.

Containing over 1,900 colors, PANTONE for architecture and interiors is arranged chromatically by color family, allowing designers to visualize colors from light to dark and subtle to bright. Once colors are selected, the PANTONE Global Color Language provides a means of specifying and communicating color choices unambiguously throughout the process.

Now everybody involved on a project can be working with the same color standard. Custom color can be produced more quickly and with fewer submittals, saving both time and money.

To learn more about how our PANTONE for architecture and interiors color tools can enhance your design process, satisfy your clients and improve your productivity, write to us at

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