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1997 press releases

     Ellen Pinto
     Pantone, Inc.


PANTONE TEXTILE Colors Now Shipping with Monarch Design Systems' Plaids & Stripes

Instantly create plaids and stripes with worldwide color standard

New York, N.Y., August 6, 1997 -- Pantone, Inc. and Monarch Design Systems today announce an agreement whereby the PANTONE TEXTILE Color System® Color Picker will be bundled with Plaids & Stripes™, an Adobe Photoshop® plug-in that creates plaid and stripe patterns for textiles, apparel, footwear, interior design, home furnishings, multi-media and many other graphics applications. Designers will now be able to access the full palette of PANTONE TEXTILE Colors when designing in Plaids & Stripes. The bundle will also include the PANTONE TEXTILE Color Guide - Paper Edition for quick and easy color reference.

Plaids & Stripes instantly generates simple to complex plaid and stripe patterns within Adobe Photoshop. These patterns can be saved as graphic files for further manipulation in Photoshop or other image editing software. Plaids & Stripes also includes a library of yarn structures to automatically create different patterns such as Oxford and Twill.

Plaids & Stripes is an ideal tool for textile designers as it reduces expensive design measures such as traditional painting and loom, knitting machine or print set-up for initial strikeoffs, as well as reduced sampling. The inclusion of the PANTONE TEXTILE Color System completes the design cycle as textile patterns can be created using the same colors that will eventually be specified at the manufacturing level.

"Achieving accurate color is still the greatest challenge for the CAD industry," states Richard Herbert, senior vice president of Pantone, Inc. "Working together with Monarch Design Systems, Pantone will be able to provide our customers with the standardized color representation they demand."

The PANTONE TEXTILE Color System is the international standard for color communication in the textile and apparel industries with 1,701 fashion-forward colors. Over 200,000 textile color professionals around the world use the System to select, specify, communicate and control color.


"The PANTONE TEXTILE Color System® has become the most widely used standard in the design industry," states Eric Rosenberg, marketing manager for Monarch Design Systems. "The inclusion of the System is a very important addition to our software program and we couldn't be more excited to see what are sure to be very strong results from our alliance."

Availability and System Requirements

The Plaids and Stripes bundle is available immediately for a list price of $875.00 by mail-order from Binders (1-888-472-6866) or Charrette Corp. (1-800-367-3729). It requires a Macintosh with 16 MB RAM and Adobe Photoshop version 3.0 or later.

Pantone, Inc., developer of the globally accepted PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® and the PANTONE TEXTILE Color System, is the leading source of products for the selection and accurate communication of color around the world. With over 30 years' experience in the development of color systems, the company is recognized as the global leader in electronic color technology, traditional graphics color systems and specific color reference products for textiles, coatings and plastics. Wherever color is spoken, Pantone is the definitive authority.

Monarch Design Systems is a leading provider of comprehensive CAD/CAM

solutions to a virtual "Who's Who" of apparel and textile companies, including fiber marketers, fabric manufacturers, garment manufacturers, design houses and retailers. Monarch's solutions, covering wovens, knits, textile prints, photo realistic rendering and more, range from fully-integrated, customizable systems to its trailblazing off-the-shelf software and Monarch School classes. All Monarch products provide increased productivity and creativity, reduced sampling costs, faster product development, and improved quality of design. Monarch Design Systems is a division of Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation, an international supplier of knitting machines.


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