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Contact: Ellen Pinto

Pantone, Inc.


Pantone Announces Color Directions for Spring/Summer '98

Palette Supports a Continuing Trend for Cross-seasonal Dressing

Carlstadt, NJ, May 27, 1997 -- Pantone, Inc. today announces the key color directions for spring/summer '98 and the continuing trend of cross-seasonal dressing. According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, "In our air conditioned "white noise" inner spaces, there are no seasonal limitations to color." Eiseman puts together an overview of key directional colors that, as she says, "Are like music to the eyes with a hue to match every mood." The six palettes that are in tune with their own color harmonies for spring/summer '98 are:


This palette resounds with variations on the red and purple theme: the rhythm and flow of beautifully blended related tones, the analogous shading of grape, lavender, violet, wine, red and rose. The volume turns up a bit with a final crowd-pleaser, a sophisticated Cardinal red.

PANTONE 18-3715 TC Montana Grape PANTONE 19-3424 TC Sunset Purple

PANTONE 16-3823 TC Violet Tulip PANTONE 16-1715 TC Wild Rose

PANTONE 18-2525 TC Magenta Haze PANTONE 16-3521 TC Lupine

PANTONE 19-1726 TC Cordovan PANTONE 18-1643 TC Cardinal

PANTONE 17-2033 TC Fandango Pink PANTONE 14-3207 TC Lavender


Take Two: A continuing variation on the theme of fall '97 is an infusion of warm golden shades balanced by the verdant notes of burnt olive. The spring '98 take is heavier on both the greenish and golden yellows, while the burnished brown shadings swing from the darkest brown to ochre with a measure of cinnamon included in the mix.

PANTONE 19-1012 TC Dark Brown PANTONE 19-1436 TC Cinnamon

PANTONE 19-1245 TC Arabian PANTONE 17-1046 TC Golden Oak

PANTONE 18-1448 TC Chili PANTONE 15-1145 TC Chamois

PANTONE 13-0939 TC Golden Cream PANTONE 17-1644 TC Spiced Coral

PANTONE 18-0521 TC Burnt Olive


Inspired by the songs that cause the heart to flutter, these romantic tints play like the strings of a harp -- all notes blending into one another. There is no possibility of discord here; every subtle shade combines melodiously with every other. The lilting combinations of Lily Green and Pale Blush or Heather and Nude promise to perform well in '98.

PANTONE® 14-4110 TC Heather PANTONE 13-0317 TC Lily Green

PANTONE 12-0822 TC Golden Fleece PANTONE 12-0911 TC Nude

PANTONE 11-0618 TC Wax Yellow PANTONE 14-1312 TC Pale Blush

PANTONE 11-4202 TC Star White


Soaring to the top of the charts will be the colors indigenous to surf and sky. Scaling the range of possibilities are deepest navy to iridescent blue-green, blue with an undertone of purple and soft foamy green. Often infused with a metallic or pearlescent tinge, these cool colors promise to be the rising stars of the spring/summer season. And the Grammy for the freshest combinations goes to Amparo, a purpled royal blue and Tile Blue, a sparkling turquoise.

PANTONE 19-4906 TC Graphite Blue PANTONE 18-3945 TC Amparo Blue

PANTONE 17-4336 TC Blithe PANTONE 18-4735 TC Tile Blue

PANTONE 14-4814 TC Angel Blue PANTONE 15-4312 TC Forget Me Not

PANTONE 13-6007 TC Spray


Striking a familiar chord are the classic selections - the sustaining background of every successful wardrobe. At the base of the basics are black and/or white, beige and gray with an undertone of blue or green, while light gray-green is the newest neutral supporting player.

PANTONE 19-4104 TC Ebony PANTONE 11-4301 TC Lily White

PANTONE 11-0105 TC Antique White PANTONE 15-1215 TC Sesame

PANTONE 15-6414 TC Reseda PANTONE 14-4504 TC Sky Gray

PANTONE 15-6307 TC Agate Gray


Providing the final set are the vibrant hues so important to spring/summer. Not as strident as the brights of the preceding seasons, these visually stimulating hues are carefree, yet confident with show stopping combinations like Paisley Purple and Meadow Green or a fun Bubblegum Pink paired with Bright Aqua.

PANTONE 14-0852 TC Freesia PANTONE 16-0233 TC Meadow Green

PANTONE 17-1928 TC Bubblegum PANTONE 16-5422 TC Bright Aqua

PANTONE 16-3925 TC Easter Egg PANTONE 17-3730 TC Paisley Purple

To view the colors for spring/summer '98, refer to your PANTONE TEXTILE Color System® Publications using the six-digit PANTONE Number. For more information on the PANTONE TEXTILE Color System or to purchase individual fabric swatch cards, contact your local PANTONE TEXTILE Color System Distributor or call Pantone's Customer Service Department at 1.888.PANTONE. Visit our web site at http:\\

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