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Pantone and Sonnetech Partner to Deliver True Internet Color

Personal Color Calibrator Optimizes Monitor Color

for Internet Viewing and Desktop Publishing

Seybold Seminars '97, New York, NY - April 23, 1997 ñ Pantone, Inc. and Sonnetech, Ltd. today jointly announced a partnership whereby Pantone will rebrand and market Sonnetech's Colorific® monitor calibration product under the name PANTONE Personal Color Calibrator™.

PANTONE Personal Color Calibrator features Sonnetech's True Internet Color™ technology, enabling users to accurately view color images and graphics on their monitor when surfing the Internet. In addition to Internet viewing, Personal Color Calibrator provides screen-to-printer accuracy when creating color presentations and proofing design projects.

Monitors are the target output medium for images and graphics displayed on the Internet, but achieving color fidelity from an original image to a client's monitor continues to pose obstacles for companies attempting to sell color-critical merchandise over the Web and for maintaining brand equity. In these and other applications, color is integral to the message being communicated to the consumer.

"Monitor calibration is a natural complement to our tools and software products for achieving optimum and consistent color," said Richard Herbert, senior vice president of Pantone. "The PANTONE Personal Color Calibrator completes the design workflow by offering users a low cost way to create monitor profiles specific to their system, with high-quality results."

PANTONE Personal Color Calibrator enables users to quickly and easily create a file that describes the unique color characteristics of their monitor by constructing a precise description of how a user's monitor displays color, taking into account the computer's operating system, monitor control settings and video card adjustments. Personal Color Calibrator uses a quick, set-and-forget color tuning sequence to create the ICC profile which is then stored on the user's system. This profile allows the viewer's monitor to accurately reproduce the colors of the image as it was originally designed.

"Ensuring accurate color on the Internet is becoming increasingly critical with the explosive growth of Web browsing and Internet commerce," said Bill Hilliard, founder and managing partner of Sonnetech, Ltd. "The combination of Colorific's True Internet Color™ and Pantone's technology leadership in color control and specification will now make color-accurate Web browsing a reality for consumers."

The PANTONE® Personal Color Calibrator™ works well with any application that uses ColorSync or Windows Color Management, such as PANTONE ColorDrive®, which uses monitor profiles to perform screen-to-printer color management.

Pricing and Availability

PANTONE Personal Color Calibrator for Macintosh and Windows will be available in Q3 1997, list priced at $49.95. The product will be marketed and sold through Pantone's worldwide distribution network.

Sonnetech, Ltd. is an innovator in color matching and other system software for enhancing computer displays, video cards, Web browsers, digital cameras and printing.

Pantone, Inc., the leading source of products for the accurate communication of color, is the developer of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®, the PANTONE Process Color System® and the PANTONE Hexachrome®† six-color ultra high fidelity process system, three distinct global languages for color specification and reproduction. PANTONE Color Systems have been widely accepted and utilized by designers and printers since 1963 and are currently in use in almost 100 countries throughout the world. PANTONE . . . how the world agrees on what it sees™. Further information can be found on Pantone's Web site at Pantone, Inc. is an ISO 9002 registered company.


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