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This page has been deprecated as has been replaced by our Trade In Program page.

The PANTONE Trade In Program: Trade In, Trade Up.

Trade in for PANTONE PLUS Graphics Products

Download the PANTONE Graphics Products Trade In Rebate Form

It's our goal at Pantone to keep our clients current with our latest color specifying and matching products for graphics and print.

Our trade in incentive program makes it easy to bring all color decision makers up to date.

With the PANTONE Trade In Program, you can get cash back by simply trading in your old guides and chips books for new PANTONE Color products.


Your PANTONE fan guides or chip books may be outdated.

All of our product lines undergo periodic upgrades. In 2010, we launched the PLUS SERIES line of multimedia graphic products, which builds on the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM with 566 new colors, new tools, new design software and other innovative features that enhance creativity and facilitate workflows. In April of 2012 we added 336 more exciting colors to our solid color publications.

You and your production partners need to be sure you are all using the most current PANTONE Products. If not, you could be losing time, money – even clients – through mistaken specifications or inaccurate color reproduction.

Your color tools may have degraded.

We pride ourselves in using only the finest paper substrates for our multimedia graphic tools. But the fact is, all paper stocks yellow over time – from exposure to air or sunlight, or simply from use – which changes the appearance of the ink's color. For this reason, Pantone recommends replacing your color guides and books annually.


When you add up the costs of using outdated tools – rejected color matches, production delays, lost clients – new PANTONE Color tools easily pay for themselves.

But to sweeten the pot even further, we're offering rebates on the purchase of our new multimedia graphic products.

Getting your rebate is easy. When you purchase a new PANTONE book or guide, simply mail your old one back to us and we'll send you a check!

  • Trade in any PANTONE graphics fan guide and get a $25 rebate on the purchase of any new PANTONE multimedia graphics guide.
  • Trade in any PANTONE SOLID Chip book and get a $50 rebate on any new SOLID Chip book.


To stay competitive, designers, product managers, printers and all other color decision makers need to stay current with the latest multimedia graphics products from the world leader in color standardization and communication tools, Pantone.

With the PANTONE Trade In Program, our exciting trade in rebate and incentive program, there’s never been a better time to do it!

Download the PANTONE Graphics Products Trade In Rebate Form

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