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This page has been deprecated as has been replaced by our Trade In Program page.

The PANTONE Trade In Program: Trade In, Trade Up.

Trade In PANTONE Fashion + Home Products

Download the PANTONE Fashion + Home Products Trade In Rebate Form

Don't let your ideas get left behind on the studio floor. The PANTONE Trade In Program makes it easy to bring all color decision makers up to date with the world's most advanced color system for FASHION + HOME furnishings design and production.

With the PANTONE Trade In Program you can get money back, help the environment and even empower young and emerging artists – all by simply trading in your outdated guides, specifiers or selectors for our new, full-featured PANTONE FASHION + HOME Color matching tools.


Today, the speed with which you can take your ideas from design studio to store is one of the most critical factors in your product's success.

Outdated color tools that aren't supported digitally will not provide you with the technical benefits you need to achieve palette standards in a timely manner and could result in late deliveries and a loss of sales and profits.

With the PANTONE FASHION + HOME SMART Color System, you can reduce the time and costs of your color development cycle by 50%, leaving you more time for the creative part of your job.

We pride ourselves in using only the finest paper substrates for our multimedia graphic tools. But the fact is, all paper stocks yellow over time – from exposure to air or sunlight, or simply from use – which changes the appearance of the ink's color. For this reason, Pantone recommends replacing your color guides and books annually. provides users with suggested starting formulations to match PANTONE Colors on any desired fabric. Utilizing a PANTONE Color standard, spectral data and dye recipes further improves color success.

How to tell if your color tools are outdated.

Check your current PANTONE FASHION + HOME Products. If each color-name suffix doesn't contain an X...
textile products
...then your tools are out of date and need to be replaced.


Get up to $500 back by trading in your outdated PANTONE fashion and home or TEXTILE COLOR System Products.

When you add up the costs of using outdated tools – rejected color matches, production delays, lost clients – new PANTONE FASHION + HOME Color tools easily pay for themselves.

But to sweeten the pot even further, we're offering rebates on the purchase of our PANTONE FASHION + HOME Color System paper and cotton formats.

Getting your rebate is easy. When you purchase a new PANTONE FASHION + HOME SMART Color System Product, simply send your old PANTONE fashion and home or TEXTILE COLOR System Product(s) back to us and we'll send you a check!

  • Trade in any guide, receive a $50 check with purchase of equal or greater value.
  • Trade in any specifier, receive a $100 check with purchase of any product (except color guide).
  • Trade in any cotton selector, receive a $150 check with the purchase of a color specifier and guide set or cotton product.
  • Trade in any swatch file, receive a $500 check with the purchase of a swatch file or swatch set.


To stay competitive, designers, product managers, printers and all other color decision makers need to stay current with the latest multimedia graphics products from the world leader in color standardization and communication tools, Pantone.

With the PANTONE Trade In Program, our exciting rebate and incentive program, there’s never been a better time to do it!

Download the PANTONE Fashion + Home Products Trade In Rebate Form

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