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Munsell Color

The Munsell Color System
The Munsell Color System is a three-dimensional model based on the premise that each color has three qualities or attributes: hue, value and chroma. Each color has a specific Munsell scientific color notation along these three axes; the system uses numerical scales with visually uniform steps to measure and identify the amount of each of these attributes in any given color. This leads to nearly endless creative possibilities in color choices, as well as the ability to precisely communicate these choices.

Uses of the Munsell Color System
The Munsell Color System is most often used to create custom color standards for industry-specific applications. With its systematic approach to color space, the Munsell Color System allows color professionals to create and reproduce colors accurately and consistently in products. Other uses of the Munsell Color System include the development of field color standards for classification purposes in the sciences.

What is the difference between the Pantone Color System and the Munsell Color System?
Pantone color standards are libraries curated according to market relevance and for reproducibility on specific substrate or digital platforms. Pantone color standards are often used for design inspiration, brand color development and communicating color.

Munsell colors are scientific absolutes which need to be interpreted according the reproduction medium, substrates or end use. They are color standards most often used to benchmark existing or desired colors for industry and science.

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