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PANTONE Lighting Indictors Stickers D50
New PANTONE LIGHTING INDICATOR Stickers D50 make it easy to determine if your lighting is right for accurate color evaluation, specification and matching. The stickers have adhesive backing that lets them attach to artwork for color accuracy all along your workflow.


PANTONE Plastic Standard Chips Sets
For anyone designing in plastic, these new curated collections will release your creativity and save you time and money – up to $1,500 over individual purchase! Large-size polypropylene chips make it easy to visualize, match and control color.


Save money and enhance your creativity with the full set of Pantone multimedia graphics guide and books. All 5,000 colors of the PANTONE PLUS SERIES in a newly redesigned display case that’s as elegant as it is useful.


PANTONE 2012 Color of the Year iPhone 4/s Case
Bring designer color into your life with Tangerine Tango-inspired merchandise like this premium iPhone case styled after our iconic chip. See this and other limited-edition 2012 Color of the Year merchandise.


Get inspired and passionately creative with this exciting new range of strategically selected tones for fashion, home and interior design. From Ballerina Pink to Deep Sky, every color family just got bigger and bolder.


See last year’s talented winners of our Color in Design Awards 2011. Enter this year’s competition to showcase your work.

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