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how to become a licensee

Thank you for your interest in Pantone, our valuable trademarks and copyrights, and our globally recognized systems for the communication and specification of colour.

Pantone offers a variety of licensing arrangements covering all industries involved with the use of colour.

If your company is interested in utilizing and/or integrating support for the PANTONE Color Systems in connection with, and/or in, your products or services, please complete the form below and we will have someone contact you to follow-up on your inquiry.

Company Name:
Street Address:
Zip/Postal Code:
Telephone Number:
Fax Number:
E-mail Address:
Company Website:

My company is interested in licensing the PANTONE Color Systems and/or PANTONE Trademarks for:

1. Software Application (check all that apply):
Graphic arts design
Page layout
Architectural design
Textile design


2. Color Output Devices (check all that apply)
Inkjet: Desktop
Inkjet: Wide format
Color laser
Color copier
Digital press


3. Equipment Manufacturer
Color Measurement Devices

Specify Product(s):

Weighing Devices
Viewing Lights


4. Ink Manufacturer
Lithographic Inks
Flexographic/Gravure Inks
Screen Inks
Metallic Finished Inks
Fluorescent Finished Inks


5. Raw Materials for
Printing Inks (Specify Pigments or Flushes)
Textiles (Specify Concentrates or Pigments/Dyestuffs)
Plastics (Specify Concentrates or Pigments/Dyestuffs)


6. Consumer Goods

Specify Product(s):

7. If your type of business is not listed above, please detail in the field below
your product and/or service and how you would like to use Pantone's
Trademarks, copyrights and/or other technology.


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