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Mar 11, 2014

Do not buy unless you have lots of time to waste. Pantone, why on earth did you think re-organising the order of these colours was a good idea? So disappointed I bought this product as I cant find the colours I need by quickly referring to their number. Thankfully the shop I bought it from is willing to give me a store credit so I can return it.

Jeffrey Johnson
Dec 10, 2013

I'm going to echo many of the other complaints. For a busy designer this new layout is useless. The index is in the middle of the book. The page numbers are at the bottom where the rivet is, making it almost impossible to find the page. Who tested this out? Your book says replace every year. So maybe by 2014 you can go back to heavier paper, and put the color numbers in number order. Who cares about all the new colors when we can't find the old ones. Glad I still have many of the old books.

Nov 09, 2013

Thanks everyone for the reviews. I've been on the fence about ordering this but after reading the reviews and doubling that with my frustration with Adobe, I won't be ordering the Pantone book for my designers. Dear Pantone - let me know when things approve.

Karin Tarter
Jul 24, 2013

I don't see how we will be able to specify these new colors when designing, if our pantone system doesn't have them. That was my question...then I started reading the reviews. Suggestion: when promoting new colors, be sure your digital system is upgraded at the same time. After reading several reviews below, this will not be something I will be ordering for my designers or myself...

Shawn Jordan
Jul 23, 2013

I just installed CS6 and was astounded to see what has happened to the colour library. I am in the middle of several jobs and have a branding palette that I have to adhere to. It will take me forever to do the simplest things I used to take for granted. Why take something that isn't broken and break it???? (At the very, very least provide a searchable option for colour #'s!!!!)

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