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Sergio Contin
Mar 02, 2012

yeas this is very important for Printing Industry - no possible working if I lost my Pantone Solid Guides - thank Pantone my big friend on work

Sep 29, 2010

This is what happens when you have a monopoly situation. Totally ego-centric. The expression 'up themselves' comes to mind. Perhaps, (OMG!) they could supply 2 kinds of swatch - one for designers and one for printers. Nah. Much too complicated.

Sep 22, 2010

I work for the largest printer in the world, and find this a complete slap in the face to not be asked for input into this change. This just adds one more bit of frustration for our press operators. Who benefitted by this change???

Rin Hunt
Aug 06, 2010

I totally agree with Louis. What a big mistake in changing the order of the swatchbook according to color instead of number. The printing industry is going to have a lot of impatient clients when they're standing there waiting for us to find a color by its number. This was a really bad decision by Pantone. How about re-doing the order by number and sending us replacement swatchbooks?

Louis Guarrieri Jr.
Aug 04, 2010

We have been buying these books for most of our 58 years in publishing. It came as a shock finding that the colors were in the books not numerically, but by color. This is fine for the designer but very cumbersome for Sales, pre-press, pressmen or anyone trying to find a color by the number. Design is but one of many skills that use these books. Very disappointed!

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