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average rating 2.60
May 09, 2014

This was bad! I couldn't even sign in not to mention see any of the inspirational content or anything. This should not be sold in the app store if you've stopped updating it! That's just a cruel way of getting people to give you money for nothing!

Apr 16, 2013

This app is horrible. I thought I could use it to match the Dessy colors to my Pantone books. This app just lists the Pantone code and does NOT indicate the corresponding color from Dessy even though all the dresses, ties, accessories are directly from the Dessy website. The info on the picture doesn't indicate the correct Dessy color. Why does Dessy make this so difficult? I do not want to purchase the $25 Dessy Pantone book just to figure out which color ties I want to order.

Oct 12, 2012

Didn't work at all, couldnt upload my pictures, couldnt charge THE ispiration, couldn do absolutely nothing.....THE worst waste of money i ve done in an app....

Feb 09, 2012

How can I upload my photos with pantone wedding app for iPad?

Adorned Events
Jan 26, 2012

Help! My style boards have ? where my pictures used to be. This happened once before and I lost all of my work. I'm a wedding planner and this app could be useful if when it updates you don't lose all previous work. Pantone please fix this!

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