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Marc Lezwyn
Aug 12, 2013

After some years my Huey Pro gives a green cast after calibrating, a known issue for many users, but not to me until now that is. I was about a year to late to get a replacement option. So my Huey worked a little "too good". Now I have to buy a new one. :(

Richard Strauss
Aug 08, 2013

Why would anyone doing serious production even use a mac? Get over your 'it's a cool looking machine' fantasy and use a real computer. Also use a decent display like NEC and stop complaining when your Acer toy monitor gives you trouble.

Gil Knutson
Dec 03, 2012

I have mixed feelings about this. When I had a single monitor, the program seemed to be great. However, now having two, relatively new, flat screen monitors... one an Acer and the other LG... I find I cannot get them both the same... when one is great, the other is most certainly not... usually too dark, even with adjusting the contrast/brightness settings. I can always make one look pretty good, but the other... forget it! Is this a common problem? Beats me!!

Martin Ottosson
Sep 25, 2012

Chris Evans, seriously? Mac OS, 6-8% of the global computer base as an argument? Sure, I bet that internet cafés, gamers, excel pushers and bloggers die to have their monitors calibrated. The fact that I bought my hueyPRO less than a year ago and that it doesn't work on Mountain Lion is a complete disaster by Pantone. It never worked properly under Lion either and probably still doesn't. And Pantone, your website suck as well...

chris evans
Aug 15, 2012

What are you people talking about it doesn't support the latest OS? I clearly see win7 x32 and x64 support. If you mean some new Mac OS, you should always know that companies are slow to update software for Macs, as they are less than 6-8% of the global computer base. I am a photographer and artist, this works great on my machines at home and in the office.

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