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Mar 12, 2014

You should have spoken to printers before you redid the book it's cheep and not easy to use I hope I never have to take it out it won't last a mouth in a press room

Brad Love
Apr 18, 2012

If I could put a negative rating I would have rated -5. FIRE whoever made the decision to use an index to find a color when Pantone has been listing them numerically for how long?? I understand the concept but most users, use the color guide as a QUICK reference tool. BAD DECISION.... FIRE DECISION MAKER... It will save you money.

Jan Husák
Apr 06, 2012

I was shocked when I first saw this book! So thin papers easy to break. So different any colors between each books. They add new colors but they add them into old colors and they totaly changed page order. I can't adapt even half year using this book. I hope Pantone will return to their old book versions... This book is a very, very bad joke.

Mar 06, 2012

I guess anyone at Pantone has never printed 4 colour process, they have eliminated cyan as a colour. Does anyone at Pantone think that is right? I'd love to hear why, but don't hold out any hope. I now use a new book as I should every year, but keep a real old one for cyan, this sucks out loud.

lance glover
Feb 20, 2012

The paper is to thin, the colors are to hard to find and the worst thing is the books do not come close to matching each other. i work in an ink room and the book we use looks nothing like the pms book the press room uses. they are the same books, opened the same day and the colors don't match. Sounds like to me someone should be getting fired. how are you supposed to be consistent when the books don't match

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