Hollandlac Satin
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Hollandlac Satin


available in over 3,000 PANTONE Colors!

Hollandlac Satin is a high performance interior or exterior oil-based enamel paint with a sophisticated, understated sheen. This formulation yields superior coverage and an easily maintained washable finish. Hollandlac Satin flows on easily, levels beautifully and conceals minor surface flaws. Although all paints perform best when applied over a Hollandlac Primer/Undercoat, Hollandlac Satin does not usually require a primer when applied over clean, previously painted oil finishes in good condition

For more specific information on using this paint product for exteriors, please call

Sizes: Available in .50, .75, and 2.5 liter

This item is currently unavailable online. Please call Customer Service at +1 888-PANTONE (726-8663) for more information.

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