Pantone Color Viewing Light (5 Light Unit)
Pantone PANTONE® Color Viewing Light Five-light Unit - View 1

PANTONE® Color Viewing LightFive-light Unit

SKU: PVL-511

Desktop viewing light takes the guesswork out of color matching. PANTONE® Color Viewing Light Model PVL-511 offers you five different lighting environments. See how colors will look under fluorescent, incandescent, UV and two daylight settings.

This item has been discontinued.


Five standardized lighting conditions.

Instant-start electronic ballasts.

Space-saving countertop design.

Shielded viewing area.


Simulate daylight, home and store environments

UV source stimulates optical brighteners, whitening agents, fluorescent pigments and dyes

Identify troublesome metameric effects

Instant-on for more accurate color comparisons

Neutral background for accurate color viewing

Usage meter (for one source) ensures proper lighting quality

Convenient size permits location flexibility

Easy to operate and maintain


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