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ColorChecker® Primer

ColorChecker® Primer

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Enjoy professional color correction results in a portable tool. Pantone’s ColorChecker Primer – included free with each PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE – makes it easy to color balance and creatively enhance your digital images. Plus, the Primer’s convenient size ensures you’ll always have a precision color correction tool close at hand, whether you’re working in the studio or shooting in the field.

The ColorChecker Primer target provides both portrait white balance and HSL (hue, saturation, lightness) correction using 12 color patches designed for image editing with a simple click of an eyedropper. The HSL row includes 8 spectrum patches to ensure color fidelity across all hues, to allow for evaluation and editing of color shifts. The HSL patches directly correspond to the HSL Sliders in Adobe® Lightroom® and ACR® (Adobe Camera RAW) for tighter integration with those solutions.

ColorChecker® Primer - Examples

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