Pantone Color Institute - Pantone Color Iinstitute Custom Color Standards for the Beauty Industry

Pantone works with a wide range of beauty companies, from mass to luxury, organic to glamorous, ensuring the integrity of their creative vision by delivering color consistency across product, packaging, and merchandising.

Our consulting team at the Pantone Color Institute works with brands to create your physical custom color standards for print, textiles, pigments, and plastics. Our physical custom color standards can also be combined with digital data such as RGB, HTML, CIE L*a*b* or process-specific CMYK.

Pantone custom color standards set color expectations, enabling you to communicate your color expectations internally and with your global supply chain, thereby reducing work and improving color consistency.

This comprehensive set of solutions will help you get your color right across primary and secondary packaging, point of purchase displays, marketing collateral, and even cosmetic pigments!

For brand colors to become iconic, they must be consistently reproduced in all materials and mediums. In a competitive landscape you don’t want the consumer to think twice about your product because your brand color isn’t communicating its value!


  • Available on US letter or A4 sized sheets of coated and uncoated stock, perforated to make chips of a size you choose.
  • Each chip contains all the information your vendors need to create your unique color, including your branding, color name, and ink formulations.
  • CMYK simulations of a custom color can also be defined and produced in the same format for process printing applications.


  • Our custom textile colors are developed on cotton fabric.
  • The fabric is double-layered in a 4" x 4" size and include customer branded card.
  • Spectral data and dye formulations are also available.


  • Our custom color plastic standards can be delivered in a range of resins including Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Thermoplastic Elastomer or Thermoplastic Rubber, ABS, Polystyrene and more.
  • Chips can be opaque or matched to translucent colors.
  • Each 3" x 1-7/8” custom color chip is packed in an individual protective envelope.


Our physical custom color solutions can be combined with the data that you need to properly communicate the color. We can supply RGB, HTML, CIE L*a*b* or process-specific CMYK.

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