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YUPO® Paper and the Power of Color in Branding

The battle for shelf space at retail is highly competitive. For consumer goods brands catching the shopper’s eye is what makes or breaks the sale in an aisle full of products. Try to imagine the shopping experience from the perspective of the customer. When faced with a plethora of products to choose from, what helps to tip the scale for brand A vs. B?

Designing packaging that evokes the spirit of a brand while also conveying an aesthetically pleasing exterior is pivotal for relaying how your product fits into a person’s life. Once you’ve achieved some level of brand recognition, the next task is to build upon this foundation with uniformity across all your products at retail.

Pantone - Color, Evolved

Color Consistency

Color is a key differentiator in package design. Pantone helps brands to stay ahead of the trends in package design and corporate branding.

A primary device used within design to ensure that a company’s packaging is immediately recognizable is color. Along with the form, texture and scale of the package, color instantly draws the eye and begins the deliberation process of whether or not to make a purchase.

Within the field of design, Pantone is the worldwide authority on color. Our language for color communication spans from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer. This enables companies to maintain consistency across manufacturing, which in turn solidifies their branding.

Pantone - Consider: Will your product be best represented in paper or plastic?

Materials and Color

In addition to the investment of resources that goes into the design and color proofing process, choosing the right substrate is critical to the final look and finish of your product.

As an established manufacture of substrates YUPO paper is an ideal solution. Currently used in a number of household name brand package designs YUPO paper is established as the go to supplier for a multitude of design, marketing, labeling and packaging needs.

Consider: Will your product be best represented in paper or plastic?

At Pantone we rely on YUPO paper for our Cotton Swatch Library. Pantone’s Cotton Swatch Library is composed of six durable binders holding folders made of YUPO paper.

Pantone was drawn to YUPO paper because it is eco-friendly and allows you to reproduce vivid colors that stand out at retail. YUPO is a 100% tree-free substrate and it is completely recyclable.

The strength of YUPO paper and its proven track record as an industry leading substrate ensures that our Cotton Swatch Library will live up to the high standards of Pantone.

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