Color Intelligence - Using The PLUS SERIES and The Goe™ System Together
Please note: the Goe System has been discontinued.
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Overview: The PANTONE PLUS SERIES and the Goe System
The PANTONE PLUS SERIES is an update of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM, so designers, creatives, printers and color decision makers should upgrade to the PLUS SERIES to remain current and competitive. The PLUS SERIES gives users all the benefits of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM as well as a host of new colors and features to enhance creative work.

The Goe System provides an additional range of colors that further expands the PANTONE Color range. Goe (pronounced “go”) colors are easily reproduced and provide additional benefits for some applications, such as packaging and screen printing.

Vastly expanded color choices, more production options and more applications make the two systems complementary and invaluable to own together – and new lower pricing on Goe makes that a practical choice.

The PANTONE PLUS SERIES for multimedia graphics, introduced in 2010, is the new version of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM, the global color communication standard across industries.

The PLUS SERIES adds to this flagship line 566 new solid colors, including PREMIUM METALLICS and NEONS, for a total of 2,152 color choices; a new chromatic arrangement of colors, a color locator index, color correction and lighting indicator tools, digital color libraries and other features that enhance creativity and facilitate production.

For nearly 50 years, many brands have been identified with colors from the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM. The new PLUS SERIES continues to retain all PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM colors and their associated color numbers. Importantly, the new PLUS SERIES Colors are created with the same 14 Base Color Inks as the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM, so there is no training or additional equipment needed to specify, match or print any of the PLUS SERIES Colors.

More About The Goe System
In response to the growing demand in the graphics market for more colors, digital processes, easier cross-platform color matching and faster design-to-print timelines, Pantone introduced an additional graphics product line in 2007, the Goe System.

Goe adds 2,058 colors to the PANTONE Graphics family. Colors in Goe are arranged chromatically and are published in formats that complement today's workflows: in addition to the convenient fan guides, Goe colors are available in GoeSticks™ – adhesive-backed chips that attach to artwork to ensure consistent color throughout production chain.

Goe System inks were developed to be versatile; only 10 Mixing Bases are required to print all Goe System colors. Ink mixing formulas are provided and colors are printed at a uniform ink thickness, making them easier to match on press, more receptive to aqueous and UV coatings, and especially suitable for use in packaging applications.

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