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PANTONE® shows its GREENER side

Specifying a SMART color from the PANTONE Fashion and Home Color System not only helps to shorten the color development timeline but it can also be friendlier to our environment.

All SMART colors are dyed using dyestuffs from Clariant International, one of the largest colorant and chemical companies in the world. In addition, SMART color formulations have the following attributes so that Pantone customers can feel confident that they are working with color standards intended to minimize the impact on our environment, whenever possible.

  • These formulations represent a new dyestuff technology that has high fixation rates, meaning that less of the dyestuff is being released into the environment.
  • This allows the dyeing cycles to be shorter, meaning less water and energy are used; saving time and money while lessening environmental pollutants.
  • More than two thirds of the F+H colors have formulations using dyes that meet the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and qualify for the production of organic cotton.
  • Clariant also tracks Restricted Substance Lists globally and, to the extent possible, the Pantone formulations avoid these substances.


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