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August 25, 2016

To the myPantone Community,

We want you to know we heard you and we value you as our customer. As we transitioned from myPantone to Pantone Studio, we should have communicated our plan with you previously, and we’re sorry for any disruption that this may have caused. We have made a few updates to the app since the launch in order restore your full access to the colors and color values, at no cost. While our updates were automatic for many, some of you have been unable to access the colors. If you have not received a full restoration of colors and values, please visit our step-by-step instructions to restore your access.

Additionally, we want to ensure you that, while it may look different, all of the previous functionalities and features of myPantone have been carried over to Pantone Studio, along with new content and brand new color technology that will make color management easier and color more accurate as you transfer from screen to screen. We think that Pantone Studio is a terrific app and we look forward your continued feedback!

For those that have already started the free trial, you can manage your subscription through app store settings.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at support@pantone.com or call us at 1 888 PANTONE.

We thank you for being so invested in Pantone and we look forward
to continuing to color the world with you.


Pantone Team

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