Pantone Porcelain Bright Cup Set

Pantone Porcelain Bright Cup Set

SKU: 2015-016

Enjoy a hot or cold beverage in a classic colorful design. The new heavy-duty Pantone porcelain Cups are now available as a set of four. Each silicone waistband has a different Pantone Color with the Pantone Color Number from the Fashion, Home + Interiors system. This four-pack includes bright and bold colors, including Pantone 14-0756 Empire Yellow, Pantone 18-1662 Flame Scarlet, Pantone 16-6340 Classic Green, and Pantone 16-1364 Vibrant Orange.

This item has been discontinued.


  • Material: new bone china with silicone waistband
  • Volume: 13.2 fl. Oz.
  • Safety: complies with all relevant food safety regulations
  • Four porcelain cups, each packaged independently – ships in case of four
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