PANTONEVIEW Colour Planner Autumn/Winter 2017/2018

PANTONEVIEW Colour PlannerAutumn/Winter 2017/2018


Color is at the heart of all we do. Fulfilling our intrinsic desire for change, we apply color to our walls, the cars we drive, and the face we see in the mirror each day and of course the clothes we wear. To disguise oneself is to live a micro adventure. With its ability to transform our appearance and our perceptions in any given moment, color is both the ultimate form of creative expression and the definitive disguise.

With color going hand and hand with texture this season we are also interested in materials that emit and reflect light; we explore embellished finishes and perfect smooth, shining surfaces. We see how transparency reveals and alters color, and how thick cocooning materials muffle shape and change its meaning.

This item has been discontinued.


  • Printed key color statement card highlights seasonal color direction by palette
  • Printed color card displayed by color family provides a quick color overview.
  • PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software for digital design
  • DVD containing static photo imagery and movie set to music illustrating the trend themes
  • Posted sized overview of the season
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