Tools for packaging designers

From inspiration through production, Pantone's tools for packaging design help you get the right color. The original Pantone Matching System® (PMS) revolutionized the industry by giving designers and printers a simple, accurate global language for communicating color. Today, the system has expanded to nearly 2,000 colors with CMYK, RGB and Hex values, plus a range of specialty colors for when your printed materials require a bit more subtlety, pop, or shine.
Tools for Inspiration
With nearly 2,000 spot colors, plus hundreds of specialty colors, Pantone can help you easily translate your client's brief and brand direction into an approach that is friendly to both your design process and the budget.
Tools for Creation
With spot, seven-color and four-color options for each PMS Color, you have the flexibility to create with colors that can meet both the client's color demands and budget constraints.

Using our visualization tools, you can preview your color's appearance on 28 of the most common packaging substrates, so you can can avoid surprises well before you get into production.
Tools for Production
When you use Pantone's digital master colors and substrate-specific formulations, you'll be sure to get the best possible color in your final product, between materials and from run to run.

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