Pantone Color Match Card Works with Pantone Connect for Android and iOS

Pantone Color Match Card Works with Pantone Connect for Android and iOS


The Pantone Color Match Card works with your phone’s camera to measure and match colored objects, materials, and surfaces to a Pantone Color. With the size and portability of a credit card, this unique solution makes matching an inspirational color to Pantone as easy as taking a photo – at accuracy levels approaching more expensive color-reading devices. Use the Color Match Card with the Pantone Connect mobile app to capture a color, search for a best match, and save your chosen Pantone Color to a palette for designing later in the Pantone Connect Extension for Adobe® Creative Cloud®.

  • For list of phone models compatible with the Color Match Card, see compatible phones list
  • Works with both free and paid Pantone Connect accounts
  • Save time evaluating and selecting the best Pantone Color matches
  • Available for purchase as a single card or in quantities of 25

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  • Laminated paper-board card material is lightweight and durable
  • Comes with a protective sleeve
  • Dimensions 85mm x 55mm x 1mm (similar in size to a credit card)
  • Measurement Spot 12mm square
  • Weight: 6 grams
  • Requires download of Pantone Connect mobile app (Android and iOS) for use
  • Card backside has a QR code to read color measurements into Pantone Color Systems
  • Requires well lit spaces with minimal overhead glare for best results

Accuracy Rating

  • Under correct conditions, returns a much more accurate color match than traditional color extraction from an image
  • Requires a compatible mobile device, a well-lit environment, a flat single-color surface, and a clean camera lens for best results
  • Color is measured via dual illumination (flash & ambient)
  • When measuring against a Pantone Color reference to compare accuracy, understand that factors such as age, condition, and variation of your color reference will impact results
  • For the most accurate color matching, consider a spectrophotometer such as a Pantone Capsure, i1Studio, or i1Pro3 device

Product Application

  • For finding best Pantone Color matches to physical colored materials, objects, and surfaces
  • Matches measured color to all current Pantone Color Systems (PMS, FHI, CMYK, Skintone)
  • Not recommended for use with Pantone TPM Metallic Shimmers, PMS Metallics, Nylon Brights, and Pantone Plastics due to reflective and brightened nature of these systems
  • Cards can be easily distributed to teams working outside the office, or designers requiring frequent color matching on the go
  • Colors integrate into Pantone Connect mobile, web, and Adobe® Extension for palette creation and designing in Adobe® Creative Cloud® tools

List of supported phones/devices for Pantone Color Match Card (PCNCT-CARD)

Updated 07-October-2020

Manufacturer Phone Name Year Supported
Apple6s Plus2015YES
AppleSE (2nd Generation)2020YES
Apple7 Plus2016YES
Apple8 Plus2017YES
AppleXS Max2018YES
Apple11 Pro2019YES
Apple11 Pro Max2019YES
AppleiPadPro 12.9 2nd Gen2017YES
AppleiPad Pro 10.5 2nd Gen2017YES
AppleiPadPro 11 3rd Gen2018YES
AppleiPadPro 12.9 3rd Gen2018YES
SamsungS6 Edge2015YES
SamsungS6 Edge+2015YES
SamsungS6 Active2015YES
SamsungS7 Edge2016YES
SamsungS7 Active2016YES
SamsungS8 Active2017YES
SamsungS10 5g2019YES
SamsungS20 5G2020YES
SamsungNote 82017YES
SamsungNote 92018YES
SamsungNote 102019YES
SamsungNote 10 Plus2019YES
SamsungNote 10 5G2019YES
SamsungNote 10+ 5G2019YES
SamsungA71 5G2020YES
GooglePixel XL2016YES
GooglePixel 22017YES
GooglePixel 2 XL2017YES
GooglePixel 32018YES
GooglePixel 3a2018YES
GooglePixel 3a XL2018YES
GooglePixel 3 XL2018YES
GooglePixel 42019YES
GooglePixel 4 XL2019YES
HuaweiP202018RAW-enabled cameras only
HuaweiP20 Pro2018RAW-enabled cameras only 
HuaweiP20 Lite2018YES
HuaweiMate 102017YES
HuaweiMate 10 Pro2017YES
HuaweiMate 10 Lite2017YES
HuaweiMate 202018YES
HuaweiMate 20 Pro2018YES
HuaweiMate 20 Lite2018YES
HuaweiMate 20 X2018YES
HuaweiMate 20 Porsche RS2018YES
HuaweiHonor 82016YES
HuaweiHonor 8 Lite2017YES
HuaweiHonor 8 Pro2017YES
HuaweiHonor V82016YES
HuaweiHonor 92017YES
HuaweiHonor 9 Lite2017YES
HuaweiHonor V92017YES
HuaweiHonor View 102017YES
HuaweiHonor 102018YES
HuaweiHonor 10 Lite2018YES
HuaweiHonor Play2018YES
HuaweiHonor Note 102018YES
LG ElectronicsLG G62017YES
LG ElectronicsLG G7 ThinQ2018YES
LG ElectronicsLG G82019YES
LG ElectronicsLG G8 ThinQ2019YES
LG ElectronicsLG V302017YES
LG ElectronicsLG V40 ThinQ2018YES
MotorolaMoto G62018YES
MotorolaMoto G6 Plus2018YES
MotorolaMoto G6 Play2018YES
MotorolaMoto G7 Play2019YES
MotorolaMoto G7 Plus2019YES
MotorolaMoto G7 Power2019YES
MotorolaMoto Z2016YES
MotorolaMoto Z Play2016YES
MotorolaMoto Z2 Force2017YES
MotorolaMoto Z2 Play2017YES
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