PANTONEVIEW home + Interiors 2017 with Color Guide Color/Design at a Crossroads

PANTONEVIEW home + Interiors 2017 with Color Guide Color/Design at a Crossroads


The consumer’s constant desire to see something new continues to influence color trends. Providing visual inspiration and key color direction for home furnishings, PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2017 enables you to effectively integrate the newest color themes into your design strategy so you can best create the magic and mood to entice your target audience. The 2017 PANTONEVIEW home + interiors book is available as a standalone book or paired with Pantone fabric or plastic standards for soft and hard home applications.

This item has been discontinued.


  • Soft cover wire bound book
  • 81 forecasted cotton standards separated into palettes
  • 2 Pantone Color guides with 2,310 colors on paper for designing fashion accessories, home furnishings, cosmetics, products, paints, interiors and more
  • Detachable printed color cards to share out Pantone colors
  • 12” x 18” printed color card highlighting season color direction by color family
  • DVD of images used in the book for presentations and mood boards
  • PANTONE Color Manager Software


  • Each book includes 9 key trend themes with 9 colors per trend for a total of 81 forecasted colors.
  • Each color trend palette is supported by a trend story, visual inspiration, color direction including color usage proportions and product application.
  • Overarching forecast theme includes surface finish and material application
  • CMYK values of each of the forecasted colors allows you to cross into color print with confidence
  • PANTONE Color Manager Software, allows you to access all the latest Pantone Colors for use in design files. Build, use, and share custom color palettes.

Product Application

  • Gives you confidence in your color selections knowing your on trend for salable products
  • Enables you to begin your seasonal color planning with the PANTONE Fashion, Home + Interior color language, achievable color that is easily communicated worldwide
  • Trend theme containing visual inspiration, color and material and product application give you all of the ingredients you need to illustrate and support your color selections.
  • 4-5 color palette harmonies presented within each palette with color usage proportions make product lines visually appealing
  • Detachable forecast color card enables you to bring the trend colors with you into the market or to work with your clients
  • CMYK print values for each forecasted color enables color matching for print applications and PANTONE Color Manger Software allows integration of all PANTONE Colors for digital design
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