Pantone Starter Guide, Solid Coated & Uncoated

Starter Guide Solid

SKU: GG1511

Get started in design and color specification with our introductory guide to the graphics Pantone Matching System (PMS). The Starter Guide contains 543 popular spot color selections from all Pantone graphics color libraries, along with their corresponding ink formulations. Use this guide for color inspiration and specification.

This item has been discontinued.


  • Portable, handheld fan deck
  • Single guide including color printed on both coated and uncoated paper stock
  • Printed on the most commonly used paper stock weights (100 lb for coated and 80 lb for uncoated)
  • Lighting Indicator page demonstrates when lighting conditions are suitable for color evaluation


  • Includes seven pastels, seven neons, seven metallics, and 522 of the most popular spot colors
  • Each color displayed with coordinating numbers and ink formulations
  • Index in the front of the guide provides the numeric location for each color


  • Use for learning spot color specification in graphic design
  • Starter guide provides an entry point to the Pantone graphics system
  • Ink formulations provide the most accurate method for achieving printed color
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