Munsell Matte Green-Yellow Replacement Color Chips
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Munsell Replacement Color Chips Matte, Green-Yellow


Now it’s fast, easy and affordable to replace the color chips in any Munsell Book of Color… Without replacing the entire book. In fact, we’ve made it so convenient that you can simply use the replacement chips right out of the box! Replacement chips are available in matte or gloss finishes for both Neutrals and each of the 10 major hues in Munsell Hue Circle-Red (R), Red-Purple (RP), Purple (P), Purple-Blue (PB), Blue (B), Blue-Green (BG), Green (G), Green-Yellow (GY), Yellow (Y), and Yellow-Red (YR).


  1. Munsell replacement chips are packaged by each of the 10 major Munsell major hues in a lightweight, molded plastic case
  2. Each package includes the same number of chips for each hue as in the Munsell Book of Color (i.e., number of chips varies based on the hue, value and chroma for each hue page)
  3. Replacement color chips are available in matte or gloss finishes

Kit Dimensions: Size 4” x 2” x 2”
Chip Dimensions: Size 1” x 1.5”

This item has been discontinued.


Use genuine Munsell replacement color chips to replace worn or missing color chips from any Munsell Book of Color. Or, use the replacement chips as an additional set of working color standards and for palette development. This gives you an affordable way to get Munsell Color Family that you need without having to buy the entire book.

Anywhere you use a Munsell Book of Color, is an application for Munsell replacement color chips. Whether you replace the chips in your existing Munsell Books of Color or use the replacement chips directly from the box, you have an accurate color communication tool for:

  • Color palette development for industrial design and product development
  • Brand colors
  • Virtually any industry or application where you need to accurately communicate color


It’s never been faster or easier to ensure the integrity of your color communications with genuine Munsell replacement color chips. They’re easy to use either placed within your existing book of color or right out of the box.

Munsell replacement color chips are conveniently packaged in a lightweight plastic case that fits in a pocket or purse. So you can easily transport and use your new color chips on-the-go.

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