Pantone Mug Yellow 012

Pantone Mug Yellow 012

SKU: 2017-005

Exciting news - Pantone mugs, are now available in new colors! They are individually packed so you can mix or match your favorites. Enjoy a hot or cold beverage in the newest selection of our must have Pantone mugs.

Bright yellows are an especially great color to bring into your space. Invariably connected to the sun, yellow cheers us with it sparkle of heat and vitality, warming any environment in which it is applied, brightening and awakening the spirit of all who enter.

 $15.00 U.S.

Pantone will be conducting inventory between October 1st through 5th. In order to receive your products in a timely manner, please consider placing your order beforehand.

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  • Production: Hand made
  • Material: Fine China
  • Volume: 13 oz.
  • Safety: Complies with all relevant food safety regulations and is microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Package: 1 mug
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